During an art master class, Christian hands a student a pipe once belonging to King Edward VIII of England. This piece of royal history was previously auctioned at Christies, and acquired from EAC Gallery, New York.


This student holds in her hands, The Death Mask of Sir Walter Scott. This mask is from The Laurence H. Hutton Collection at Princeton University and was formally owned by the St. Petersburg Museum of History and was subsequently acquired from Sotheby's.



During an art master class, a student holds Pablo Picasso's original 1954 'Pour Bernard.' This art is conserved such that it makes it possible for students to hold and interact with the art in a personal way.

Students closely study 'The Conclusion of a Commercial Treaty Between Great Britain and The Prussian Empire,' signed by King George IV in 1824, and acquired from Sotheby's.


Christian discusses Giovanni Battista Pasqualini's original copper engraving from the year 1624 and titled 'Christ Delivering the Keys to Heaven to Peter.'

Students hold and closely study a silver-gilt and cloisoneé tea-glass spoon made for Czar Nicholas in 1908 by the very hand of Peter Carl Fabergé. This extraordinary work was acquired from Sotheby's.


This high school student has a moment of great inspiration as she holds in her hands a handmade couture evening bag made by Valentino Garavanni. The purse is decorated in handmade silk roses with semi precious stones running across the top.


Christian shares and discusses Adolf Pirsch's 'Young Cavalier' from the turn of the 20th century. Pirsch was one of the greatest portrait painters of Edwardian society. Two of his paintings hang in the Vatican.

A student displays a hand painted porcelain Limoges box which when opened, reveals a miniature violin with bow.


A student wears the beautiful necklace (which is an exact replica) from the inside of the 'Imperial Rosebud Egg' by The House of Fabergé, and holds in her hand, a silver-gilt and cloisonné enamel 'Tea Glass Spoon' made from the very hand of Peter Carl Fabergé in 1908, which was acquired from Sotheby's.


At left: An amazingly beautiful, and delicate carved Ostrich Egg, which is hand painted and opens to various three dimensional characters portraying the nativity scene. At right: 'Christ Delivering the Keys to Heaven to Peter' by Giovanni Battista Pasqualini. This copper plate engraving was made during the height of the Italian Renaissance in 1624.


Following an art master class, students take time to closely study various works of art and historic documents. From right to left: Clyde Leon Keller's 'Hills of Lavender' dated 1930, a fabulous example of Impressionism specific to the California School; Pablo Picasso's 1954, 'Pour Bernard,' gouache on paper, which is a compelling example of Cubism; 'The Conclusion of a Commercial Treaty Between Great Britain and the Prussian Empire,' signed by King George IV and dated 1824; and from the year 1624, Pasqualini's master engraving 'Christ Delivering the Keys to Heaven to Peter.'



At left: students line up for a closer look after an art master class. First:'Young Cavalier,' by the great Edwardian portrait painter, Adolf Pirsch; A wonderful example of Royal history, the 'Royal Birth Announcement From the King and Queen of Spain', signed by King Ferdinand, dated 1821 and acquired from Sotheby's. At Right: Students examining Object D'Art by Fabergé, Swarovsky and Valentino.



Picasso's 'Pour Bernard' and right: A master engraving from the year 1620 by Boetius Bolswert, titled "The Raising of Lazarus.'



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